Sporting Clays



The Laurel Highlands offers a variety of shooting ranges featuring sporting clays including Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Seven Springs, and TNT shooting grounds. Whether you are part of a large group or going solo, each course is able to accommodate any group size.

The course at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is one of the finest courses in the nation. Offering 38 stations on their beautiful resort property, you will be sure to have a prime experience here. If you haven’t shot before but would like to learn, book an instructor to show you tips and trips to make your learning experience more fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have a gun, they have shotgun rentals and ammunition available for purchase.

Seven Springs also offers a fine course with three-course options in one. Shoot year-round as they have some heated, partially enclosed winter stands. Seven Springs also offers a few instructor packages you can book depending on your level of experience including one with a level III National Sporting Clays Association Instructor, Mike Mohr. Of course, if you do not have equipment with you, they do have rentals available. When you are done, grab a bite to eat at the Grille at Sporting Clays.

Last but not least, TNT offers a modest shooting experience for a fraction of the cost of the resort ranges. With numerous stations and a personal guide to help you select the right stations for your desires, you are sure to have a fun experience. Each guide has surely spent a lot of time on the course, so pick their brain about tips and tricks to ensure you are blasting as many targets as possible. Call ahead to book a time, and inquire about equipment rentals and ammunition purchases if necessary.

Local Sporting Clay Ranges

Nemacolin Woodlands Sporting Clays
Seven Springs Sporting Clays
TNT Shooting Grounds