Four Seasons Brewing Company

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Homemade Craft Beer and Food

Four Seasons Brewing Company

Four Seasons Brewing Company is the perfect stop on your brewery tour list. Only 20 minutes away from Claycomb Chalets, Four Seasons has a pub house where you can taste various craft beer and order from their menu while getting a view of what goes on behind scenes. Some of their styles include stouts, lagers, ales, IPA’s, Porter, and more. If you are doing a full tour of the brewery, please schedule 36 hours in advance. However, if a full tour is not needed, you may walk in during normal business hours and enjoy their beer and food.

Check out their website for a full menu. If the food doesn’t seem to satisfy your appetite, feel free to bring food only of your own!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Thursday 3-9pm
Friday 3-11pm
Saturday 12-11pm
Sunday 12-6pm

Four Seasons Brewing Company

Address: 745 Lloyd Avenue, Ext
Latrobe, PA 15650
Phone: 724-520-4111