Cabin Rentals at  Seven Springs, PA

Visit the actual mine shaft where 9 coal miners were trapped for over 72 hours at a depth of 240 below the earth’s surface. In July of 2002 the entire nation and world was fixated on this little town in Western Pennsylvania where the nine miners had become trapped below the surface. The rescue effort took five long days and end with the miraculous rescue of all nine miners.

Today tens of thousands of visitors each year visit the site of the mine rescue. The family that owns the farm has erected a 7 foot tall bronze statue memorializing the unbelievable rescue event. As a visitor you can walk right up to the actual mine and see and touch the very rescue vessel that was used to free the men from the deep and cold darkness over 20 stories below the earth’s surface. You will hear stories from actual rescue members who where there for the 5-day ordeal.