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Explore the Laurel Highlands

Southwestern Pennsylvania's Playground

Welcome to the Laurel Highlands, a region in southwestern Pennsylvania that beckons with an extraordinary blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures. Here, adventure knows no bounds, as the landscape unfolds to reveal iconic landmarks and diverse experiences. At the heart of it all lies Ohiopyle State Park, where cascading waterfalls, thrilling white-water rapids, and miles of hiking trails captivate outdoor enthusiasts. Nearby, Seven Springs Mountain Resort offers year-round excitement, from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to mountain biking and zip-lining in the summer. But the Laurel Highlands is not just about adrenaline-fueled escapades; it’s also a place to immerse yourself in history, with attractions like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob showcasing architectural genius amidst nature’s grandeur. Whether you seek the rush of adventure or the serenity of scenic beauty, the Laurel Highlands promises a captivating journey through a diverse tapestry of experiences.

A captivating image of architectural harmony with nature. Fallingwater