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Spread across 213 acres of Westmoreland County, the Bushy Run Battlefield stands as a profound testament to American history. It was here, over two and a half centuries ago, in the fateful month of August 1763, that the Battle of Bushy Run unfolded—a pivotal episode during Pontiac’s War.

During this tumultuous time, Native American Indians and Europeans clashed in a struggle for control and independence, as the British Empire encroached upon their territories. The indigenous peoples fiercely resisted, but ultimately, the British emerged victorious. This triumph played a critical role in thwarting the Native Americans’ efforts to seize Fort Pitt and facilitated the westward expansion.

Delve deeper into this rich historical narrative by visiting the Bushy Run Battlefield’s visitor center and museum. Inside, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of artifacts and insights related to the battlefield’s storied past. To further connect with history, your museum ticket grants you access to a golf cart tour of the battlefield—an intimate and immersive way to relive the events that unfolded on this hallowed ground.

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Bushy Run Battlefield

Address: 1253 Bushy Run Road
Jeannette, Pennsylvania 15644

Phone: 724-527-5584