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The summer of 1754 witnessed a pivotal turning point in history at the Battle of Fort Necessity. This critical battle marked the onset of the French and Indian War, a watershed moment that would ultimately set the stage for the American Revolution.

Today, more than 250 years later, a visitor’s center stands in proximity to the enduring fort. During the summer months, you can partake in enlightening talks, immersive tours, and captivating historic weapon demonstrations held in the meadow adjacent to the fort. In winter, the landscape transforms into a cross-country skiing haven, offering an opportunity to traverse the 5-mile network of trails that radiate from the fort.

These trails intertwine with Jumonville Glen, where the very first shots of the French and Indian War reverberated, as a young George Washington and his contingent found themselves in a fateful confrontation. As you explore these historic pathways, they lead you past the hallowed resting place of General Braddock, adding another layer of depth to this rich tapestry of American history.

Fort Necessity

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