Cabin Rentals at  Seven Springs, PA

Polymath Park had its inception in the 1960s when two visionary entrepreneurs, Mr. Balter and Mr. Blum of Pittsburgh, entrusted Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, Peter Berndston, with the monumental task of designing two distinct homes nestled within the serene mountain landscape they had acquired, spanning 130 sprawling acres.

Fast forward nearly six decades, and these homes, along with the residence transformed into the renowned Treetops Restaurant, are now under the ownership of the Papinchak family. The Papinchaks have also added Frank Lloyd Wright’s illustrious Duncan House from Lisle, IL, and the Mantyla House from Cloquet, MN to their collection.

In keeping with Mr. Wright’s design philosophy, which seamlessly weaves nature into the architectural tapestry, each residence and restaurant at Polymath Park embodies this harmonious relationship with the natural surroundings. However, what sets Polymath Park apart is its unique offering of overnight accommodations, providing guests with an immersive experience in the enduring legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius.

Check out their website for more information and the history of how two homes were built into the mountains and turned into four homes and a restaurant. Here you will also find more information on their hours and pricing.

Polymath Park

Address: 187 Evergreen Lane
Acme, PA 15610

Phone: 877-833-7829