Cabin Rentals at  Seven Springs, PA

Outdoor Activities

Western Pennsylvania’s abundant waterways offer a haven for canoeing enthusiasts, with miles of lakes and rivers waiting to be explored. Just a short 12-minute drive from Claycomb Chalets, Laurel Hill State Park beckons adventurers with its picturesque lake and excellent canoeing opportunities. Private outfitter Hazelbaker’s facilitates canoe rentals at Laurel Hill, providing access to a fleet of canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and paddle boats for a memorable day on the water.

But that’s not all – Hazelbaker’s extends its services to another location, the nearby Ohiopyle State Park. Here, you can embark on guided canoe or kayak float tours down the gentle class 1 rapids, a thrilling experience for those seeking a bit more excitement.

For those who prefer leisurely paddling or casting a fishing line, there are several public lakes in the vicinity. The closest one to Claycomb Chalets is Acme Dam Lake, a mere 5 miles away, promising serene moments and ample opportunities to connect with nature in this beautiful region.

Canoeing in the Laurel Highlands