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The Laurel Highlands boasts a range of top-notch sporting clay shooting ranges, including Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Seven Springs, and TNT Shooting Grounds. Whether you’re part of a large group or flying solo, these courses can accommodate any group size.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort features an exceptional course that ranks among the finest in the nation. With an impressive 38 stations set amidst their picturesque resort property, your shooting experience here promises to be exceptional. If you’re new to shooting, consider booking an instructor who can offer valuable tips and make your learning journey enjoyable. Rest assured, if you don’t have your own shotgun, they offer rentals and ammunition for purchase.

Seven Springs also boasts an excellent course, offering three distinct options in one. You can enjoy year-round shooting, including heated, partially enclosed winter stands. Seven Springs provides a range of instructor packages suitable for various experience levels, including options with a Level III National Sporting Clays Association Instructor like Mike Mohr. Equipment rentals are available for those who need them, and after your session, don’t forget to savor a delicious meal at the Grille at Sporting Clays.

Last but certainly not least, TNT Shooting Grounds offers an affordable and enjoyable shooting experience, perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly option. With numerous stations and a personal guide to help you select the right stations to suit your preferences, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled experience. The guides here are seasoned experts, so don’t hesitate to tap into their knowledge for tips and tricks to maximize your target shooting success. It’s advisable to call ahead to secure your shooting time and inquire about equipment rentals and ammunition purchases if needed.

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Sporting Clays
Sporting Clays