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Linn Run State Park

Nestled within a picturesque 612-acre expanse, Linn Run State Park beckons nature enthusiasts with a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities. Meandering through this natural haven are more than six miles of scenic hiking trails, including one that winds alongside a captivating waterfall, offering a serene backdrop for exploration.

For those seeking a leisurely outdoor meal, Adam Falls and Grove Run picnic areas provide inviting settings with picnic tables, playgrounds, water fountains, and convenient restroom facilities. Anglers can anticipate an exciting fishing season as they cast their lines into the stream, aiming to hook one of the park’s native brook trout.

During designated hunting seasons, more than 400 acres of this expansive park become accessible to hunters, providing a unique opportunity to engage in the age-old tradition of hunting amidst the park’s pristine natural surroundings.

Please refer to their website for designated recreational areas, regulations, and more.

Linn Run State Park

Address: 1170-1198 Linn Run Rd.
Boswell, PA 15687

Phone: 724-238-6623

Manager: Douglas Finger


Linn Run State Park
Linn Run State Park