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Snow Tubing

Experience the exhilarating rush of cool, crisp mountain air against your face as you descend the slopes on a snow tube. Whether you prefer a solo adventure or team up with a companion, the options depend on the current slope conditions. You can even engage in friendly races down the lanes. With numerous tubing lanes available, you’ll find that the lines move swiftly, ensuring you maximize your tubing time. For added convenience, the resorts provide a carpet belt system that swiftly transports you back up the mountain.

In the Laurel Highlands, you’ll discover two fantastic snow tubing destinations: Seven Springs Mountain Resort and Hidden Valley Resort. Remarkably, both resorts are conveniently situated within a mere 10-minute drive from Claycomb Chalets. For comprehensive information and to plan your snow tubing escapade, visit their respective websites via the links below.

Seven Springs Snow Tubing

Hidden Valley Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing